Shotglass Revival – Putting The Fun Back In Modern Rock

Band Bio

SHOTGLASS REVIVAL is a veteran group of musicians that have played/toured all over the U.S. and various other countries. We are starting off with cover tunes by bands we love and admire and will introduce our own original tunes once we have established the band as the top contender in our region.

We are not about doing anything other than bringing a 100% kickass rock show. We want to engage our audience and take them on a musical journey that’s unlike the “press play along” to karaoke style with the same playlist and sound as the band of the night before.

The origin of SHOTGLASS REVIVAL began as the brainchild of drummer Ken Bass who founded the group along with vocalist Cameron Smith (who both had performed in the hard rock cover band DECADENCE).  The band brought in Glen Stewart on bass (formerly of STRANGELUST, also a member of original southern metal band DEVYCE) and well known guitarist Dale Pridgen (of SIDEWINDER as well as various other acts over the years).

This original version of the band started performing shows around the Eastern North Carolina area and establishing the band’s sound and name in 2012.  After the departure of Dale & Cameron from the lineup, the remaining members decided to venture into a more modern hard rock sound.  The band added guitarists Dean Phelps & Michael Teeter along with the young Jake Price on vocals.

It seems that all musical projects are a journey and this is no different with SHOTGLASS REVIVAL.  The journey with this band is just beginning and we are ready to debut our new modern sound to the world in 2013.

Come check out a show and let us know what you think!!!
As always…  SINNERS WELCOME!!!